Tips for Men: The Do’s and Don’ts of Dirty-Talks

There are people who are a great discoverer and good in experimentation. They love doing things extraordinarily. At times, you cannot easily justify the idea of what you need to do just to elevate the communication between you and your partner. Plenty of couples are just insanely doing such things for fun and for great discoveries. On the same line, how petty talk does in building good rapport and relationship within couples. For men, it is important to remember that you don’t have to be a porn star to turn each other on with words.

Sometimes, men uttered words toward women that will surely hit the awkwardness between them. Trying to sound sexy is a nice thing to do; however, you’ve got to remember the dos and don’ts while talking about dirty things to women. The list below can lead you to a more sensible and convincing dirty-talks;


Tell the girl she’s hot and sexy – this is a good compliment that you can tell to your partner in the middle of sex. Looking up and down to her girl’s body with great sensation made the feels so tingly and aroused.

Made your girl aware about how much you want it – whatever things you are doing, nothing feels like a girl better than hearing her man about how much he wants to do it. Having a good deal about it gives a lot of erotic feeling and satisfaction.

Dominate – a strong and vocal guy is hot. So never ever hesitate to tell to a girl what you want or what you need so that she will be able to give you the best feeling and moves that she can offer. It is not about controlling situations and taking care of other people, but it is more of giving the love that penetrates the action.

Say my name – moaning, grunting, grasping while doing sex is satisfying act as well as saying name. It shows that he is there, present at the moment. It sounds hot indeed. Sex is about the connection between people and when names are being exchanged, it really has an idea of you are together that moment.

How good is my taste – Compliments give amazing feeling to girls. However, saying “you’re beautiful”, “you’re hot”, “you’re sexy” over and over again might lose the meaning of it. You must say how good your partner is because they want to hear it coming from you.


Tell me to be quiet – being quiet is a no-no thing during sex. It is more satisfying during the climax when you groan or moan. It really helps a lot so don’t stop them for doing such things. It’s kinda’ rude to stop the noise.

Suggest to not use a condom – it’s always be a protocol to use protection while doing sex. Safety first, is indeed important matter.

Feel pressure – it is important not to rush things in sex. Make your partner be turned on about your dirty talks. You must not feel or put under pressure for the best result. Relax and enjoy the moment of sensation.

Dirty talks are helpful indeed but somehow you have to maintain your good intention and your respect to your girl. It can be more alluring to your partner if you give that chance of making her turn on or even more about you.

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