8 Outrageous Places to Have Sex

Bed is the place where you can do sex privately, just you and your partner. Insanely speaking, there are couples who are jumping off a cliff just to get rid this traditional way of having sex. They kinda’ explore outside their comfort zones just to give a deep justification for intimate and thrilling love making. From the beach to couch, kitchen or even to your parent’s house were used for their great sex escape adventure. But outmost concept about outrageous places to have sex has been derived.

Here are some of the outrageous places that you can pull out your insanity and give the best mind-blowing sex;

  1. Love on Top

Escaping from the hotel room or a condo unit late at night and experience the romance on the roof top. Hiding on the side of the alley, dark, and cold is great experience for the couple as they expedite their adrenaline exceeds to its maximum level most especially when you know there are people who are still there, parting or just hanging out also on the other side of the roof top.

  1. Elevate sex in the elevator

There are many couples who tried to experience hooking up in the elevator. It was so insane to think yet exciting to do because of the cameras all over the place. Sneaking out just for sex in the elevator or even upstairs made the elevation of the breathing and grasping more intense.

  1. Let’s play around at the playground

Even in a public place, sex can further be successfully done. Late at night, while the sun is falling asleep, some people find it fun and challenging hooking up in the playground.

  1. Have a great show—Cinema!

This place is most common for couples to have sex—at the cinema. You cannot deny the fact that this place is at its peak level of romance due to its ambiance. On the dark side of the cinema, while people are busy watching the movies, you are on the other side, watching each other’s romantic perks, not minding the people around you. Just “let it be and enjoy the show thing.”

  1. Be Amused at Amusement Park

You can ride on and ride out to your partner. This act is somehow elevates the grudges of being together and missed out each other’s company. Sometimes you cannot control your hands off to your partner so you do grab and bring her to wander land (if you know what I mean).

  1. Climb on! Come on!

As you explore and experience what has world offer to you, the idea of making love or hooking up after the adventure you took from climbing up a mountain. There’s beyond reason of adventure there where your partner can take you to off limits and hold on to your ass to hook up or make love.

  1. Cook off, now Show Off!

As you mesmerize the sense of being the counterpart of kitchen is the show off room where in you can take off shirts and keep the sensation while cooking. Show off because breakfast is ready.

  1. Ride in, Ride out!

Car sex is also one of the famous sex scenes ever. For they find it more exciting and challenging. This keeps you more advanced and adventurer.

It is fun to explore things that go around sex, but it is more fun to do things beyond to what this thing called despicable sex.

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